Verily syndrome

Verily syndromeVERILY SYNDROME is the appearance of the female secondary male sexual characteristics due to high concentration in the body women male sex hormones. The consequence of dysfunction of the adrenal cortex, ovaries, long-term treatment of women with high doses of androgens. Symptoms. Hair growth on the face, extremities, back, chest, abdomen, loss of hair on the head of a male changing voice (the voice becomes low), the development of male body type, atrophy of the Breasts, menstrual cycle from oligomenorrhea to amenorrhea, hypertrophy and virilization of the clitoris, decrease uterine atrophy of the endometrium and of the mucous membrane of the vagina. Increases blood levels of testosterone, increases the urinary excretion of testosterone and 17-ketosteroids. Treatment for tumors of the ovaries or adrenal surgery (see also Itsenko-Cushing's disease Adrenogenital syndrome. Читать полностью -->

nose, the boy grew beans

nose, the boy grew beansDuring a routine medical examination Romanian doctors found in his nose four-year-old boy growing beans. The boy from the small mountain village of France never complained the mother or the doctors at the pain or discomfort, and did not remember how the beans were in his nose. Dr. Nicholas Mouse from the hospital in Focsani said that when the boy came to him in the clinic for examination, neither he nor his parents did not know that the beans already gave germs in the nasal cavity of the baby. In an interview with the newspaper Evenimentul Zilei physician admitted that before he had to deal with cases where children had to pull out foreign objects from the nose or ears, but to a young child's nose grew a plant with such a case he was confronted for the first time.. . Читать полностью -->

Prolonged use of the computer leads to "dry eye syndrome""

Prolonged use of the computer leads to Overreliance on high technology can cause serious health problems. The conclusion made by Japanese scientists. The specialists at the medical center of Kyoto University examined more than a thousand people, often using computers, and found that almost a third of them have a so-called "dry eye syndrome". These disorders are associated with drying of the tear fluid, which protects the human eye. This can cause microscopic damage to the eyeball and significantly increases the likelihood of infectious diseases. Just from computer syndrome in Japan affects more than 20 million people and another 30 million are at risk. Читать полностью -->

Radiation injury

Radiation injuryWhat is the General characteristic of radiation injuries? Radiation (radiation) lesions are called pathological changes in the body resulting from exposure to ionizing radiation. In peacetime radiation damage can be observed in cases of violations of safety when working with radioactive sources. Under the influence of ionizing radiation in the body are formed of a substance having a high chemical activity, primarily the products of water radiolysis, there are violations of the molecular bonds at the cellular level, primarily in the cells of the blood, intestinal epithelium, the sex glands. The nature and severity of radiation injuries depends on the type of ionizing radiation, dose, time of exposure, age and sex of patients. What is the clinical picture of radiation damage in primary and latent period? The initial period is local and General reactions, which last from several hours to several days. During this period, redness of the skin, nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache, fever. Читать полностью -->

Hallucinatory syndrome (hallucinosis)

Hallucinatory syndrome (hallucinosis)HALLUCINATORY SYNDROME (HALLUCINOSIS) for a sufficiently long time is manifested almost exclusively rich hallucinations and proceeds without impairment of consciousness. Occurs in schizophrenia, organic and vascular diseases of the CNS, symptomatic psychosis, intoxication, epilepsy. There are auditory, visual and tactile (feeling crawling under the skin of worms, insects, microbes) hallucinate. When hearing (the most common) hallucinosis verbal hallucinations occur in the form of monologue or dialogue; illusions of perception are commenting or prescriptive. In the latter case, possible tendencies to self-harm or even suicide attempts and acts of aggression towards others. In the process of development of the disease often joins olfactory hallucinosis (bad smells in the perception of the patient come from your own body and surrounding objects); there is also a transformation of hallucinatory syndrome paranoid.. Читать полностью -->

the world Bank will be engaged in the fight against malaria

the world Bank will be engaged in the fight against malariaThe world Bank promises to strengthen the fight against malaria due to the fact that the five-year efforts in this area have failed. This is stated in the report of the world Bank. The new program, in particular, provides for increased funding for malaria control in Brazil, Eritrea, India and Vietnam. About how much will be allocated funds, while not mentioned. In addition, you will create a research group that will monitor the situation. According to estimates of the Bank, to combat malaria in the next five years will require $ 500 million to $ 1 billion. Читать полностью -->

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